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Upgrade and websites Goes Down


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    Andreas started the conversation


    I have the 1.5 version installed on my wordpress and woocomerce. But all the websites are so slow.

    I see the 1.9 version. When I install on my website, replacing the files on my server (Control C + V), the website doens't show anything.

    Maybe is the way that im doing this, or maybe some plugin are going wrong?

    Best Regards

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    Varun replied


    Can you please provide me a screen shot of the folder structure in ftp on where my plugin in pasted

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    Andreas replied

    Hi Varun, how are you? Yes of course.

    The paste are in:     /public_html/wp-content/plugins/wc-role-based-product-hiding.

    I returned the 1.5 version to work again. Before the website are showing a blank/white page without anything.

    If you should talk with me in Skype? andreascombr@hotmail.com.   I can pay the help with paypal.


    Attached files:  FTP2.jpg

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    Varun replied


    Yes sure we can have a skype chat to solve this asap.
    MySkype ID : varunsridharan23