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Bulk Enable Role Based Pricing


  • Samuel started the conversation

    Hi Varun,

    I hope you're well.
    Just got a quick question, we've just purchased and installed your Role Based Pricing Pro plugin. We also configured WPAllImport and processed a full import of all of the products with their role pricing. This worked perfectly, and all of the prices are listed correctly. The problem here is that the "Enable Role Based Pricing" switch remains off for all products. Is there are a way to turn this option on in bulk for every product? There are thousands of products and we'd like it to happen in one go if possible.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards,


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    Varun replied


    When importing you have option to enable role based price switch in bulk. can you please provide me

    screenshots on how you import the prices ?

  • Samuel replied

    Hi Varun,

    You're right, I found it. My apologies I didn't see the General Settings dropdown as I had so many roles to attach pricing to.

    That's all good now.

    Thanks heaps.

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    Varun replied

    Thats Awesome. i am happy that it was quite easy for you to findout. and i am sorry for not having a proper documentation. i am still working on it. soon it the docs will be published. 

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