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addons not showing


  • SILVIA started the conversation

    I have purchased the pro version and have wp-all-import installed. It says extension is installed but when I check the "installed extensions" tab it says "no add-on/extension installed". The client's site must be up by December 1st and I have to import more than 500 products with different prices for customers and resellers. Please advise.

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    Varun replied

    Hi there

    Thanks for your purchase. Right now i am in a middle of a medical emergency. So my reply would take longer than usual

    I would like you to confirm if you have all the below installed

    1. Wpallimport

    2. Wpallimport pro

    3. Wpallimport wc add-on pro

    You can check at http://www.wpallimport.com/

  • SILVIA replied

    I am deeply sorry about your medical emergency.

    I don't need to have wp all import installed as I have the PRO version with lifetime license.

    However I have both the pro version of the plugin and the add-on installed.  I have to mention that when I installed the pro version of your plugin I had the free version already active, and I did get an exception error right away. Then when I navigated to the plugins page I was able to activate both with no problem. I have installed both plugins on a localhost installation as well, because I had to run some tests before going on a live site. Could eve that be the problem? I had no place to write down a license number so I don't see how it could detect that it's installed on "two" websites (although one just a test environment)

    If you need access to the website, just let me know. 

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    Varun replied


    I am not sure.

    Can you please check all below plugins are installed

    1. Wc role based price

    2. Wc role based pricing pro

    3. Wpallimport pro

    4. Wpallimport pro wc add-on

    If all 4 installed and activated then our integration will work

  • SILVIA replied

    As you can see from the screenshot they're all installed, and yet the addons don't show anywhere.

    Again, if you want access to the website let me know.

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    Varun replied

    Hi there

    Sorry about the delayed response. The medical emergency turned into critical situation and the person serious.

    So we are moving hospital to provide advance treatment. As thr other hospital is around 250km from my place. So I don't have access to laptop or internet.

    So I would kindly request you to wait for Max of 2days. I will get your issue resolved asap.

    I would also need wp-admin login and ftp access to debug and fix it.

    I hope you can understand.also I will try my best to get this done in 24hrs after you provide me with login info.

  •   SILVIA replied privately
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    Varun replied

    Hi There
    I was able to login to your system and check for the issue and then i discovered that our addon (WPAllImport Integration) dose not have any settings (Configurable Options) which means its directly integrated into WPAllimport
    You can verify that by starting a new import and in the WooCommerce section you can find a RBP Import exactly like in the attached image.

  • SILVIA replied

    Yes, I completely missed it! I was searching for settings in the plugin's tab and it was somewhat confusing to see that the page is completely empty.... I think you should let users know that the integration occurs in this manner, otherwise. I didn't find indication of this anywhere. 

    If you don't mind I would leave this ticket open until I try an import and make sure that everything is allright.

    Thank you very much for your help despite the situation!

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    Varun replied

    Yea its kind of confusing. i am already working on a documentation. which is not yet ready. i will try to get it published soon

    Yea sure you can keep this ticket open or even you are welcome to open a new ticket too. :-)