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RBP Product Blocking


  • OscarExakt started the conversation

    I have aktivated the RBP Product Blocking under extensions but there no instruktions on how to block a product and I can't find where to block a produkt from a usergroup. Some instructions please. 

  • OscarExakt replied

    Ok  found it, add them under extensions options. Would have been so much easier if you just hade a checkbox next to  where you change the price on the product itself.  So added  but it is not working. The price is not changing and the products I told it to remove is still there when I log in with a specific user role. 

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    Varun replied

    Hi There.

    Could you please explain your query in details and also please do provide me with some screenshots too.

  •   OscarExakt replied privately
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    Varun replied

    Hi There
    Sorry about the delay.
    I checked and found that there are 2 user roles with the same title. Please check this image


    if i use the 2nd user role you are able to hide product & and change the price. but if you set it to first then you also need to add that user role in our plugin's settings.