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we have a problem to use the pluging


  • gabrielx00 started the conversation

    we want to sell different items but just in some zip codes here in my country,we just have like 10 Zip codes that we want to distribute this items, just at the moment to do a Test if we set the ZIP CODEĀ 54720 and do a test wherever the person that access and try to complete the form even if there is no zip code captured already for the user this is show the message that the zip code is not in the list, IĀ think that if the user has not selected ZIP CODE the program should not display the message until he enter the ZIP CODE please help me this is a reason why we get this pluging and is not working as we expected.

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    Varun replied

    Hi There

    I hope you are doing great and sorry about the delayed response.

    I am sorry i can't able to understand your requirement. do you mind explain to me once again ?