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  • GrantHolmes started the conversation

    The demo version says nothing about a WooComm install. AND I cannot get any answers on set up for the demo version. So I buy the full version hoping for support and am struggling to find it. After I install the Pro version it NOW tells me I have to have WooComm installed to use the plug in.

    My customer only wants Contact Form 7 to send her a text message upon the contact form submission. I don't need a cart. 

    1. Can this be done without the cart?
    2. How much of the cart do I have to set up to use this?
    3. Is there another solution you offer?
  • GrantHolmes replied

    And... I may be confusing this with the free: International SMS For Contact Form 7 Integration

    Which appears to work without WooComm? Using the plug in above, It appears to work, but with Verizon texting, in the log, it returns a verizon log in page and I get no text on my phone.

    Any help getting this or the one referenced below would be great!