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Critical Error


  • Conradstel started the conversation

    Every time I've tried to activate your plugin I get a critical error. I went back and updated everything and it still fails until I remove your plugin from cpanel. Please advise or I'd like a refund. If it is a plugin conflict, I cannot afford to get rid of any of my other plugins to support this one.

    Thank you

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    Varun replied

    Hello There

    Thanks for your purchase :-)
    Well i can help you on this but only if i could get the exact error details.
    So to debug and figure it out i would request you to provide access to your website along with FTP
    So i can debug and fix it asap.

    Note : Kindly make a full back of your site. before providing details here

  •   Conradstel replied privately
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    Varun replied

    Hello There 

    Thanks for the information

    i need to know in Which folder do you install plugins in ? {wp-content/plugins/} i can't find my plugin
    i can't able to access FTP only the web based file manager is working

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    Varun replied

    Hi There

    I was able to figure out the issue and fix it in your site itself. please do check and let me know :-)

  • Conradstel replied

    It's there and seems to be working! Thank you so much for your quick fix! Cheers